July 6, 2013

Makings of a New Community Garden

The small street next to Le Phare library, in the Uccle neighborhood of Brussels, has always been intriguing to me, as it is a rare example of a pedestrian-only street in the area.  It also serves as a fun shortcut through the neighborhood, for those in the know.

But until recently, the space was a little awkward.  While it was great that it was dedicated strictly to walkers and bikers, there were some underutilized sections and dead spaces.

This Spring, that started to change, as local residents have put the space to use as a community garden.  Neighbors held a kick off day in June to begin planting, and many children were present, getting their hands dirty in the process.

It’s a great celebration of community, environment, and public space!  I’m excited to see how the space continues to grow, and how people come together in the process.

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